Email Marketing

Over here at Align Media we love a good bulk email campaign.

Mailchimp is our choice of email platform. It is so easy to use that it allows us to import the data, design a high quality template and then hand over to our clients to manage from there.



Email marketing is a commonly overlooked marketing tool that has the power to provide additional sales to most businesses if executed correctly.

The reach of your campaign starts with the quality of your data. We can cleanse your data to ensure you reach as many contacts as possible and help you segment it to allow you to send out more targeted campaigns in the future. If you don’t have any data yet we can provide marketing ideas on how to run a data collection campaign or can add the relevant subscribe links and forms to your website.

We have experience in executing regular or one off bulk email campaigns for our customers. Quite often we will also create a customised landing page to further improve the success of the campaign by creating content that is more relevant to the email message.

It is important to get the right mix within any marketing email to ensure maximum open rates and then also to try to encourage the customer to read the email and then act in the manner we hope they will.

Email newsletters or promotional campaigns can be designed to include personalised messages and links to a variety of website pages to make the recipient more likely to open or be engaged by the email.

Analytics are provided back to the client showing the open rate and click throughs of the entire campaign. In simple terms that means we can see who opened the email and whether they clicked through to any website links that were included in the email.


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