Terms & Conditions

Align Media – General Terms & Conditions

For web design projects, payment of the initial deposit represents acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

Once complete payment for the project is received by Align Media, the website becomes the intellectual property of the customer. All creative artwork and technical works contained within the website and the associated files become property of the customer.

Pricing is based on the original project scope. Whilst all efforts are made to ensure pricing is accurate, in some instances, the project scope changes along the way and this can mean the initial price has to be reviewed.

Our hourly rate is subject to change at our discretion.

If the project is cancelled by the client prior to completion, the client will be invoiced for and responsible for paying for work done to that point of the project.

Whilst Align Media offers an email address creation service we are not I.T. network specialists, and as such we are not responsible for configuring your email accounts on your computers/tablets/phones. The necessary email account configuration information will be forwarded to the client by Align Media and we can recommend an I.T. professional to assist our clients with their email configurations.

Our website hosting service is provided by a third party company. We cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from the failure of the hosting service.

We will not be held responsible for any financial losses resulting from website failure, hacking or corruption of the website or email accounts associated with the customer’s business.

We build our websites to meet current industry standards and utilise a number of third party plugins and systems. We will not be held responsible for any future technological changes or similar that result in the website losing some or all function.

We cannot be held accountable for any website changes or failures caused by a customer, their employees or any other third party provider.

Once the website development project is complete, the website becomes the responsibility of the customer. We recommend storing a full backup of the website on a local server to ensure the website can be retrieved in any instance where the website’s files may be corrupted or compromised.

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